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READ is an NGO, headquartered in Andimadam (Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu India) that works to improve the social, educational and economic conditions of the underprivileged, disadvantaged and vulnerable people, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and sexual orientation.



The documentary "Sahaya, Going Beyond", which highlights the collaboration of Sahaya International with READ, has been completed. Narration is provided by Jeremy Irons. Click below to see the documentary. For more information, go to

Sahaya Going Beyond (narrated by Jeremy Irons)

Update February 2013: meet some of the READ staff:


Selvam, founder and executive director of READ


Ammu, Secretary of READ


Jackulinemary, coordinator of orphan sponsorship program and HIV programs

Paul Raj

Paul Raj, Program Coordinator and Documentation Officer

Maria Brigit, Office Staff


Vijaykumar, Building Operations Manager

Antonysamy, Driver

Abirami, Office Staff


Susila, Cook


READ, Office staff


MaryAmmal, Office Staff

Lakshmi, Office Staff


Kartika, Office Staff

Ramanibhai, Office Staff

Victoria, Office Staff


Deepa, Office Staff

Axilliamary, Nurse


Pandurangan, School Bus Driver

Arokiamary, Special Teacher (Anbagam School)

Ranjitha, Special Teacher (Anbagam School)


Amalorparvamary, School Principal
Jawahar Matriculation School

Saraswati, teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Avarna, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Kokilambal, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Daisy, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Baby, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School


Johnsi, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Navarjayaselvi, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Sudha, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Vinodha, Teacher of English
Jawahar Matriculation and Annai Teresa Schools


Vishnupriya, Teacher
Jawahar Matriculation School

Assistant, Jawahar Matriculation School


Ramani, assistant
Jawahar Matriculation School

Rosalinemary, Office Assistant
Jawahar Matriculation School

Balasundari, School Principal
Mother Teresa School

Kayalvizhi, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Bharati, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Annapurani, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Kiruthika, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Senthamilselvi, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Suganya, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

Thenmozhi, Teacher
Mother Teresa School

David Sahaya, School Bus Driver

Chithra, Receptionist
READ Community Resource Center (RCRC)

Poongavanam, Teacher of Tailoring
READ Community Resource Center

Senthamaraiselvi, Teacher Card-making
READ Community Resource Center

Lakshmi, Teacher Computer Training
READ Community Resource Center

Vasantha, Teacher Book-binding
READ Community Resource Center

Manikandan, Staff Bookbinding Unit
READ Community Resource Center

Karthick, Staff Bookbinding Unit
READ Community Resource Center

Venkatesan, Staff Bookbinding Unit
READ Community Resource Center

Gangasalam, Staff Bookbinding Unit
READ Community Resource Center

Assistant, Anbagam School for Special Children






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