- Handmade greeting cards -

These greetings cards are produced by the girls and women to provide them with some income and to support the many ongoing programs of READ. See below for more details about how the cards are made.

How to order cards?

In the USA, cards are available via Sahaya International (based in Davis, California): the price is $3 per card, or 4 cards for $10. We can also mail cards to you: the only additional charge is the postage to mail the package to you. Please keep in mind: we don't carry all cards in stock all the time, as the sale sometimes keeps up with the production in India. So sometimes we will have to wait for the next order from India to arrive. So plan ahead when ordering.
To order or get more information, please e-mail

In Belgium, cards are available through the family Van Rompay, which has members in Wommelgem and Mol; please e-mail them at:
raymond.vanrompay 'at' planetinternet 'dot' be
an.vanrompay 'at' vito 'dot' be

In India , you can order the cards directly from READ:
D. Selvam (Secretary)
1926 Sakthi Vinayagar Street
Vilandai, Andimadam 621-801
Perambalur District
Tamil Nadu
Phone & Fax: +(91)-4331-242583
Cell phone: +(91)-9842-496564

How are the cards made?

These cards are made on white or colored paper; after the many holes have been punched in the paper, colored thread is embroidered into intricate designs.
These two examples below (approximately real size) demonstrate the precision with which these cards are embroidered.

How many designs are there?

Currently, more than 150 different designs are available, including many designs for holidays and special occasions. We are always happy to make custom-designed cards for your wedding, anniversary, company business (but take into account the extra time it takes to get a proof made and sent it is advisable to start the process at least several months in advance).
These designs are usually made in variety of colors; if a specific color is desired (for instance for flowers), then please advise us in advance.
Below are more examples of these cards. For additional available designs, click here.

Please contact us if you like any further information on how to order cards(click here).

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